Ipad's Becoming A Tool To Manage Your Front Office

24 February, 2012

Apple's iPad has become one of the most popular computing devices
on the planet and why not? The iPad has an elegant design,
you can take it anywhere and it is very pleasing to use.
Why not run your booking system on an iPad?

Hotel Management with an iPad

So, it is only natural hoteliers want to manage their accommodation reservations with an iPad. Imagine walking around the property - taking a phone call from a guest, looking up availability and rates and then entering the booking. You could be anywhere: in the garden, sitting in the restaurant or relaxing in the managers residence.

iPad's connected to Telstra's NextG network offer you even more freedom to manage bookings with an iPad. If you're running a holiday letting business or a small B&B, it is normal to be on the road. You don't have a large staff. You need to forward guest enquiries to your mobile phone. Now, with a 3G connected iPad you can run your entire front office system where ever you are.

Our MyPMS front office system is entirely web-based. You can use it on any computer. Our reservation system is MAC compatible as well as running on PC's.

If you would like more information, click this link to manage your accommodation with an iPad, or ring us at (02) 6684 8101.
Hotel Reservation Systems for an iPad