Video Tutorials to Manage Online Bookings

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How to Update Room Availability

Describes how to Update Room Availability in the Member's Area. One of the basic controls to manage Online Booking is the ability to update room inventory. This is done when you want to block out availability for a room. If a room is booked by an Online Booking, availability for the room is automatically adjusted. When you sell a room by phone or through another system - you need to manually Update Availability. In fact, you may just wish to 'block out' a room for online booking.

Updating Rates and Minimum Stay Restrictions

Describes how to Manage Rates and Minimum Stays in the Member's Area. This is a powerful pricing tool to allow accommodations to set prices and minimum stay rules for peak periods. Using Default Rates to add, delete or change rate types, Manage Rates to set prices and minimum stays, you can get accurate pricing that always works to the advantage of the accommodation supplier. View your rates and stay restrictions in the Rate Grid.

Making Adjustments to Commissions

for Monthly Activity Statemen


Describes how to Make Adjustments to Bookings and How to Cancel Bookings to control commissions. Web Reservation Systems sends a Monthly Activity Statement to customers displaying their commissionable bookings for the previous month. The Activity Statement is not an Invoice. Accommodations use it to preview in advance what commissions will be charged for the month. If any bookings were cancelled, they need to cancel them in the Members Area to remove commission obligations. If a booking had an adjusted value because a guest payed less (or more) that the value booked; the accommodation can adjust the amount in their Member's Area to correct their commission.