About Us

In 2001, we looked at buying Byron Bay Visitor Information Centre's accommodation booking service.  At first glance, this looked like the perfect business in a popular coastal destination.  Although there was a great demand for accommodation in Byron Bay; the service was not profitable.  

How could a business at the centre of a thriving tourism industry not be profitable?  Looking at the basics, we found the costs of making bookings were too high.  It all came down to bad procedures - poor visibility of inventory and high costs associated to guest payments and cancellations.  Fixed allocations could solve problems, but they were too costly to accommodation suppliers.  Raising commissions meant that suppliers were withholding more and more rooms on the best nights because the service/value wasn't justifiable.

Airlines had the same problem until they developed central reservation systems like SABRE.  Now, suppliers can manage availability for a huge network of sales partners worldwide.  

In 2001, accommodations had the option to sell through these Global Distribution Systems, but we wanted a solution to run local sales.  The GDS would load high costs on sales for local partners like a visitor information centre or regional website; plus most small accommodations didn't have the ability to run these systems.

We set out to solve the problem, and found that Booking Centre was leading the world in hospitality software and network sales solutions for small to mid-size accommodations.  We created a partnership with Booking Centre.  Our goal was to sell and support Booking Centre software in Australia as to develop new Online Marketing tools specific to our regional needs.

We've achieved our goals.  We have a robust online booking system.  We have a client base that extends across Australia.  We've developed a local distribution network that includes many of Australia's foremost websites.  We still offer small accommodations the ability to compete head to head with the world's largest hotel chains using Global Distribution systems.  

We are committed to providing personalised service rather than just a technology. 

Our Service Guarantee

  • Online Booking is safe and secure. We operate to the highest standards of security to assure payment details are safe.
  • Reliable and Robust Systems. Reservation systems are mission critical - they must be accurate and always available.  Our systems have proven reliable and dependable over many years of continuous use.
  • We take privacy very seriously. We do not keep a mailing list or send any communication to guests other than an e-mail confirmation of bookings.
  • Accommodation Suppliers have total control - to set advance payment rules, to take payments direct from guests, to determine their own commission fees, to set availability and pricing to give them the greatest benefit.

We are proud to be selected as a "Preferred Supplier" for the Golden Chain - Australia's largest accommodation organisation with over 300 locations. Golden Chain selected Web Reservation Systems because we have over 14 years experience and 1000's of satisfied customers.

Our systems are suitable for all types of accommodation - B&B's, Motels/Hotels/Resorts, Backpackers/Hostels, Holiday Letting Agencies and Caravan Parks. We also have solutions for Visitor Information Centres and accommodation marketing organizations.

Please contact us at (02) 6684 8101 if you would like to know more, or complete our Contact Form.

We hope you enjoy using the service!

Thank you for Visiting!

Mark Oliver Managing Director
Web Reservation Systems
9 Cape Vista Drive
Byron Bay, NSW 2481
Ph (02) 6684 8101