Australian Accommodation Marketing Network

Web Reservation Systems has created a series of new websites known as the 'Holiday Guides'. These websites provide an easy means for guests to find accommodation and make bookings. 

The first Holiday Guide was Australian Holiday Guide, a website that lists all of our current customers throughout Australia.  We are also building a series of regional websites targeting specific markets and themes.  Examples:

These websites are a part of our ongoing Internet Marketing strategies to help our customers and partners get better results from Search Engines.  All of these websites have direct links to the customer's website as well as links to make bookings.  Google and other search engines measure the number of links to your website when they set 'Page Rank'. Page Rank is the formula that determines the order of websites in search results. 

Obviously, many businesses are fighting to get to the top of search engine results. Listing your website on the Holiday Guides is just one more step to help you increase sales.