Online Booking Demo

Make a Test Booking

Online Booking is a useful tool to that will make every website more interesting and useful to buyers. Typically, you will use it to display rates and availability as well as complete sales.

Typically, you'll add many booking links under different descriptions such as 'Check Availability' for customers who are just browsing and Make a Booking for those who are ready to buy.

View Results in the Management System

After you've completed a test booking you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your booking, the property also receives an e-mail, and the property's management system is updated. Managers have 2 Management Systems -
If you would like to see how the Management Systems work, please ring (02) 66848101 or complete our Contact Form.

Additional Property Type Examples

The enquiry system can be changed to match different business needs. Most changes are subtle. Here are examples: